Koll Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Real Estate Tenant Representation Services

Retaining Koll as your Tenant Rep is in essence adding a partner devoted to the success of your company.

Koll’s sole focus is to provide you with the comprehensive data and impartial advice you need to make the right corporate real estate decisions and, in turn, provide the most economical, operationally effective and risk free real estate solutions for your business.

Across every commercial real estate sector, from office to R&D and industrial space, retail, medical and specialized facilities such as call centers, data centers, or laboratories, we have a proven track record of minimizing occupancy costs, maximizing flexibility, and minimizing exposure to real estate risk by extracting the maximum concessions available in every transaction.

How we’re different from “regular” Real Estate Agents and Brokers

As Tenant Reps, we have no allegiance to the landlord and are compensated based only on how much we money we save our clients. We are a single, independent point of contact negotiating with several landlords on your behalf. This is the exact opposite of the traditional broker who is paid on commission by the landlord.

Because we’re paid based on how much we’re able to save your company insofar as location related costs are concerned, we’re highly motivated to be extremely tough negotiators and very keen when it comes to spotting potentially costly contract pitfalls.

Proven Track Record

In the +20 years we’ve been in the commercial real estate business here in Asia, we’ve represented over one hundred multi-national companies with a track record of saving our clients significant amounts of money. These savings go straight back to the bottom line, improving our clients’ working capital.

Tenant Rep Services Include:
  • Client needs analysis
  • Real estate market research
  • Property transaction analysis
  • Property deal structuring
  • Real estate, lease and rent agreement negotiation management
  • Property project management client representation
Complex Procurement:
  • Using the Koll matrix analysis software enables Koll to apply the exact same process to large scale procurrement projects our clients will be seeking.
  • Furniture Procurremen
  • Carpet Procurrement
  • Koll used this exact process to procure a fleet 250 vechiles
The Koll Pledge:
  • Identify and optimize space at minimal cost
  • Empower our clients to make informed decisions
  • Be responsive and thorough in all client interactions
  • Protect the interests of our clients and advocate for their needs
  • Add value in every project we pursue